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Bobbie Theodore, M.S.

VP, Strategic and Sponsor Relations

As a founding member of Clinical Trial Centers Alliance, Ms. Theodore has been affiliated with many Apex leaders for over 20 years. Her role began with the start-up of Collaborative Neuroscience Research and has grown to oversee sponsor relations and business development for all sites and services around the U.S. under the Apex Alliance umbrella.

Ms. Theodore is responsible for leading an energetic team providing outreach to sponsors including big pharma, biotech, all the way to early-stage virtual start-up companies. Her group manages relationships with CROs, service vendors, consultants, and industry partners on behalf of Apex. She works with Apex leadership to identify strategic and growth opportunities for Apex Alliance members, monitor industry trends, and implement best practices for client relations.

Work History

Ms. Theodore has worked in healthcare-related companies, for-and non-profit, for her entire career. She began in direct service positions at psychiatric facilities in both Northern and Southern California, moving into community relations and managed care in medical/surgical and PPO network companies. From there, she entered management and business development with national psychiatric providers including Charter Health and Psychiatric Management Resources, where she worked in the corporate headquarters in market research and outreach capacities. The latter position allowed her to form relationships with colleagues who went on to other ventures that hired Ms. Theodore in consulting capacities including a division of the Betty Ford Center, a start-up in the healthcare online learning venue, and a digital behavioral health app. Since 2000, she has created and grown Clinical Trial Centers Alliance of quality research sites and services around the country, culminating in a merger with the largest Alliance members to create Apex Innovative Sciences.


Ms. Theodore received her M.S. in Health Care Administration, with honors, from California State University, Long Beach. Her B.A. in Education, with high honors, is from the University of Kansas.