Cassie Blanchard, Ph.D.

Dr. Blanchard joined HRI in 2020 with significant clinical experience and a wealth of expertise in conducting a variety of psychological assessments. She had most recently worked as a Therapist for Childhood Solutions in Fort Washington, PA. Her focus there was counseling in ADHD, autism, depression, and behavioral disorders.

Djouher Hough, Psy.D.

Dr. Hough, Director of Addictions and Pain Management Research, joined HRI in 2019 with extensive experience in counseling and research in the areas of addiction and pain. She provides leadership of clinical services at both the Marlton and Berlin locations as well as expert support for study design.

Roberta Ball, D.O., FAPA, FACN

Dr. Ball has been a principal investigator for HRI since its establishment. She has been conducting clinical research with Drs. Howard and Michael Hassman since 2003 in her previous positions. Dr. Ball leads the execution of psychiatry trials on the Berlin campus.

Elan Cohen, Ph.D.

Dr. Cohen joined HRI in 2016 as a Sub-Investigator and Lead Psychometrician before becoming a Principal Investigator upon earning his psychology license in New Jersey in early 2018. He had been licensed for over 10 years in Pennsylvania prior to his licensure in New Jersey. Dr. Cohen conducts trials at both the Marlton and Berlin locations.

Steven J. Glass, M.D.

Dr. Glass joined HRI in early 2019 with a wealth of experience in clinical research and a strong background in psychiatric indications. He conducts trials at both the Marlton and Berlin locations. Dr. Glass has over 17 years of experience as a principal investigator, executing and overseeing early phase trials in both healthy and disease state subjects, as well as late-stage trials.

Michael Hassman, D.O., AOBFP

Dr. Hassman has been in his current role with HRI since it was established in 2015. He serves as a principal investigator for studies conducted at the Berlin location. His responsibilities include overseeing medical procedures and patient care teams to ensure complete medical continuity throughout the research process.

Howard Hassman, D.O., AOBFP

Dr. Hassman has over 37 years of experience in clinical research. His strategic vision and commitment to the highest standard of quality has helped establish HRI as a leading clinical research organization since its founding in 2015. The growth of HRI is highlighted by the opening of the Marlton location, where Dr. Hassman currently conducts trials, in 2019.