Substance Use Disorders

Apex has an outstanding track record of success conducting trials in participants with substance use disorders (SUDs).

Apex conducts inpatient and outpatient studies across all major SUD populations. Our team includes principal investigators with decades of substance abuse clinical experience, advanced degree-level raters experienced with SUD assessments, and pharmacists with expertise in preparing, dispensing, and dosing SUD trials. Site staff regularly participate in training sessions and workshops on topics such as the neurobiology of addiction, ways to effectively manage biases and implement sensitivity when interacting with SUD populations, and de-escalation strategies to employ if patients become uncooperative or agitated, ensuring we can execute highly demanding and complex studies.

Apex’s Scientific Affairs and Clinical Development team provides reliable regulatory and scientific guidance including protocol development services for studies in participants with SUDs. With large subject databases including mild users and moderate to heavy physically dependent users and a valuable referral relationship with network of addiction treatment centers, we excel at recruitment for SUD studies.

Indication experience:

  • Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)
  • Cocaine Use Disorder
  • Methamphetamine Use Disorder
  • Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
  • Smoking Cessation / Nicotine Dependence

Specialized Services and Capabilities

  • Capnography/pulse ox, pupillometry, and biophysical testing
  • Biomarker assessments (e.g., fMRI craving/reward paradigms)
  • Detox capabilities
  • Schedule I-IV drug storage
  • Narcan trained/certified staff
  • Certification for psychedelic therapies

Naloxone Opioid Overdose Medication Kit

After-Study Care

in column-substance-use-disorders-Specialized Services and Capabilities

We provide comprehensive continuity of care for interested individuals upon study completion including:

  • Medical appointments with affiliated treatment centers
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) consults
  • Scheduling and resources for counseling and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) & Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups

Therapeutic Areas

We have an outstanding track record of success in the conduct of Phase I-IV trials across the central nervous system and internal medicine disorders.

Trial Site Organizations

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Hassman Research Institute
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Collaborative Neuroscience Research
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