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We have an outstanding track record of success conducting Phase I-IV trials across central nervous system and internal medicine disorders, specializing in early-phase proof-of-mechanism (PoM) and proof-of-concept (PoC) studies.


Our Trial Site Organizations Have:

  • Experience conducting psychedelic-assisted research as well as numerous ketamine studies
  • Specially designed psychedelic therapy rooms in Berlin, NJ and Long Beach, CA
  • Experienced physicians, licensed clinical psychologists and other qualified mental health clinicians, and medical personnel currently being required for the proper conduct of psychedelic trials
  • Risk mitigation to uphold intentionality of psychedelic trials
  • 164+ inpatient beds across three locations

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Hassman Research Institute
Berlin & Marlton, NJ

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Collaborative Neuroscience Research
Long Beach, Torrance, Garden Grove, CA

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Key Opinion Leader Expertise

Apex receives high-level guidance and advice to ensure the greatest possible competency for psychedelics studies from Scientific Advisory Board member, Reid Robison, M.D., MBA, an internationally recognized thought leader in psychedelic medicine.

Apex’s Scientific Affairs and Clinical Development team provides expert advice on clinical designs and research methodologies, including the use of biomarkers.

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  • 35+ recruitment specialists across HRI & CNS
  • Large subject databases established over decades of conducting clinical research
  • Thousands of Psychedelic-naïve individuals in our databases eager to participate
  • Valuable referral relationships with a network of addiction treatment centers, a large multi-physician neurology practice, and other medical offices facilitate the enrollment of a wide variety of patient populations