Participant Recruitment

Apex sites deliver cost-effective participant recruitment within project timelines

CNS and HRI’s solid reputations as leading trial site organizations are due in large part to an outstanding track record of success in recruiting study participants. We implement detailed study-specific recruitment plans for each trial, most of which utilize a multi-pronged recruitment approach. All recruitment methods and materials are submitted at the time of initial IRB approval to avoid delays.

High-performance recruitment teams

Our ability to consistently meet enrollment goals is attributable to the careful planning, creativity, and resourcefulness of our skilled recruitment professionals. Under the leadership of experts with decades of experience in the field, our 35+ full-time recruiters include community outreach specialists who participate in local events as well as call center associates who answer the recruitment phone whenever it rings ready to screen volunteers and book appointments.

Large, diverse subject databases

With unparalleled access to a wide variety of patients eager to participate in a study, database outreach is typically our primary recruitment source for trials. Established over decades of conducting research, our highly searchable databases contain a combined 250,000+ individuals who we contact by phone, email, and/or SMS blasts based on their preferences. We collect detailed information to segment out our active users based on the eligibility criteria of the study.

Valuable referral relationships

CNS and HRI have referral relationships with large local medical practices, advocacy groups, and other organizations that allow unique access to a wide range of patient populations as well as healthy subjects. Recruitment staff keep referring physicians engaged by sending daily reminders, providing details on enrolling studies including I/E criteria. Patients trust their doctors, so these referrals generally alleviate potential subjects’ concerns about the safety of the trial.

Deep advertising expertise

Our advertising expertise extends beyond traditional advertising (TV, radio, print) to the most effective forms of online advertising. We have a track record of success with Google Search campaigns and social media campaigns that supplement our other recruitment methods. We continuously monitor key digital marketing analytics and refine campaigns accordingly to ensure they are performing optimally, inexpensively attracting many potential participants.

Retention strategies

Our resources and capabilities for participant retention comprise another strategic advantage for Apex. We make sure our participants understand all expectations early on, providing any required clarification before the first visit. We provide timely reminders about participants’ next visits as well as transportation to our sites. Our facilities are designed with patient comfort and safety in mind; they offer many amenities and activities to fulfill study participants’ needs for movement, entertainment, relaxation, and social experiences during inpatient stays. Crucially, our staff strives to demonstrate a sense of caring for participants and caregivers to gain and maintain their trust and show that we value their contribution. We also facilitate continuous treatment for treatment-seeking individuals upon study completion.