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Our mission is excellence in the design and conduct of clinical trials with the aim of improving quality of life.

How Apex Was Formed

Apex was formed in 2019 through the merger of Collaborative Neuroscience Research (CNS) and Hassman Research Institute (HRI), leading trial site organizations based in Southern California and New Jersey, respectively. The merger was the culmination of years of successful collaboration. Historically, CNS and HRI worked closely with each other to conduct high-quality research while sharing a Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Larry Ereshefsky, and a business development/sponsor relations team, Clinical Trial Centers Alliance, which was acquired by Apex upon the completion of the merger. The merger enhanced CNS and HRI’s collective ability to deliver scientific, technological, and clinical excellence with the expeditiousness required to provide optimal value to clients, giving rise to an industry-leading provider of clinical trial conduct and strategic consulting services.

What Sets Us Apart

Thought Leader Expertise
Apex brings deep expertise in the design and execution of a broad range of Phase I-IV studies. We have an unsurpassed track record for assisting our pharma sponsors in de-risking proof of concept Phase II trials and providing results that increase the confidence of “go, no-go decisions.”

Unique Capabilities to Accelerate Drug Development
CNS and HRI have harmonized procedures and technology across sites, including standardized biomarkers and disease models, enabling the seamless execution of technically complex translational/biomarker studies with the enrollment benefit of multiple sites.

Support from First-In-Human to Post-Approval
Apex can assist in clinical trials over the entire life cycle of drug development while providing ongoing regulatory/scientific consultation. We have integrated CRO and technology vendor capabilities. Our Alliance Division of affiliated sites is a unique resource to perform mid-to-late-stage outpatient trials.


Executive Leadership Team

Members of our leadership team average 25+ years of experience and have an outstanding track record of building successful companies in the field. They provide high-level oversight, guidance, and training to Apex’s sites and consulting services to pharmaceutical companies.

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Scientific Affairs Team

Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Larry Ereshefsky, a widely recognized key opinion leader in clinical translational central nervous system research, and VP of Scientific Affairs & Clinical Development, Dr. Brett English, work with Sponsors to incorporate novel biomarker strategies into their clinical development plans.

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Principal Investigators

Having collectively conducted thousands of clinical trials and authored hundreds of scientific articles and abstracts, our distinguished Principal Investigators provide the hands-on, prompt, and detailed work sponsors expect, producing high-quality, meaningful, scientific research.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board provides world-class guidance and advice to advance the science and clinical practice of drug development. A key strategic resource, this group of luminaries considerably reinforces our expertise in areas such as biomarker applications and psychedelics research.

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Business Development Team

Responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced, our business development professionals smoothly coordinate the site selection process (CDAs, FQs, real-world budget and enrollment estimates, etc.), establishing and maintaining positive relationships with sponsors and CROs.

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Trial Site Organizations

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Hassman Research Institute
Berlin & Marlton, NJ

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Collaborative Neuroscience Research
Long Beach, Torrance, Garden Grove, CA

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